Monday, June 10, 2013

Maddy's trip to the vet

Hi friends! It's Maddy. I had to go to the vet on Friday,  Because there was a different vet and he didn't feel comfortable about seeing Murphy with his long history, Mom substituted me instead.
Here I am in the car with Mama, not excited about going at all. I feel like I was tricked. 

First I had to check out the food because I am a dog and dogs like food.

They don't have a scale for me to walk on, so I guess this will do.

I got tricked again when Mom pretended to walk back with me and instead I had to go with the vet tech, Danielle, where they CLIPPED MY NAILS!!!! Noooooooo!
This is me having a panic attack. You can't tell, but my eyes are very red and I am panting. I hate having my nails cut. 

The vet's name was Dr. Zingalie and he was very, very nice. He had read everything in my file and Murphy's too! He had a lot of good questions for Mama and they talked about how I got UTIs because of my, uh, "anatomy". He suggested that I get a urinalysis, so I got to go outside with Danielle again. This time I was not tricked. I knew what to do with grass. It's just weird that they stick a little tray under me while I'm trying to go!
Here is Dr. Zingalie and Danielle keeping me from doing a Superdog jump off the table. 

I was still upset about having my nails trimmed. Next time I will try to be nicer. 

In the car after the vet. I won't look at Mom. 

Mom felt bad so she took me to Petsmart!!! YAY!!!
We got Calvin some food and I got some treats at the store. I saw another dog and I ROOed but she didn't speak Basset. 

Ok, now I am happier, although we found out on Saturday that I do have a UTI. Oh, boy. Good times. At least my prescription is free at Publix. More Pill Pockets for me!

All in all, it was a good day- Mama and I took a good nap that afternoon. Calvin went to the vet today and Murphy goes Wednesday. At least I'm off the hook for a while!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Andrea, Schmandrea

It rained today. A LOT. Someone named Andrea was making all the rain.

Auntie Brianne texted us and said school was on tornado lockdown. We didn't have to do it today, but we go hide with Mom in the closet. Hopefully we don't have to do that again. 

On rainy days like today, we have to keep ourselves busy. Maddy likes to sort the recycling. 
But most of the time, we do this:
Or this:
Or this:

Mom went to a class today and came home soaking wet. Once she dried off, the sun came out, and she put on her shoes- we know what that means!!!
WALK! Maddy is ready to go. 
A half mile is good for me these days- I don't want to overdo it. Maddy likes to go further, so Mama drops me off and continues with Maddy. 

We are ready to crash for the night. Just wanted to let you know we are all ok. 
Stay dry!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hi, friends, it's Murphy.

Mama needs to give me my liver protecting treats one hour before a meal.  So I made sure to get her up at our usual time- 6:40 a.m.  She didn't seem too happy about that, something about it being the first day of summer break.  Anyway, after she fed me, I let her sleep in.

We went to see Dr. Kane today and I was a little nervous but there were nice people and other dogs there. We saw Gracie again. She has lymphoma and last time she was really nervous. She sat up on the chairs with her mom. This time she seemed much better. 
Dr. Kane said that my ear bump seems flattened out but I should take the chemo at least another month. He said after that, he can remove it if he needs to- he even said something about freezing it! Brrrr!
I was a good boy so Mama said we could go to Petsmart! YAY!!! I love that place!

I was so excited to go that I, uh, forgot to go. Outside, I mean. Mom was looking at cat food and well, I couldn't hold it in anymore. Oops, I pooped. Mom cleaned it all up. I sure wasn't going to go back there. 

I was so embarrassed, and all of a sudden, I didn't feel so well. I didn't know what to do, so I just plopped down in the cat food aisle. 
See my red eyes? Not feeling well. 😞 I had to rest for a bit while I had another of my panting episodes. Mama was pretty calm and understood I didn't feel like going anywhere. She opened a bag of treats she hadn't paid for yet! She asked a nice guy if I could have some water and he told us there was a bowl by the bathroom. I wasn't crazy about walking all the way to the back but the water helped a lot. 
On our way back, I saw a kitten!
Then all of a sudden, there was a CLONE KITTEN!
Look at their crazy matching hair parts!

They seemed like they would be fun to play with, but I just wanted to go home. Mama needed to buy our treats, but I knew where the FREE treats were. 
Works every time.

Maddy was excited to see me, and Mom even got us new toys. 
I just wanted to sleep the rest of today. I pooped and I'm pooped. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Fatty Maddy

Mama said that tomorrow is the first day of summer break, which makes tonight Summer's Eve. HAHAHAHAHA

We are happy that she is home more now, because Murphy wasn't feeling well the last few weeks.  One of his medicines (prednisone) was making him uncomfortable and he was panting a lot.
Dr. Kane told him to take less of the medicine and now he feels much better.  Yay!

Mama was very worried.  When she thought he might lose part of his ear, she contacted her friend Angie at and Angie painted this really nice picture of Murphy.

 Angie also did a portrait of Murphy and me and Mama just got it in a necklace!

Tomorrow, Murphy goes to see Dr. Kane.  I hate when I don't get to go along for a ride!  I guess I'll chase Calvin or something.

Mama started watching this crazy lady on the tv:

I thought I would help Mama with her workout.

It looked like fun, all that jumping up and down.  Plus when Mom does the abs part, I get to give her kisses!  Well, after just a couple minutes, this is what I felt like:
I keep trying, but I end up like this every time.

I guess I'll just stick to helping Mama label her Scentsy stuff. And by label, I mean sniff.