Monday, September 23, 2013

Caught a cat!

We are soooooo behind on our blog. Here's a photo collage of August, birthday month!

Murphy is now 8, Calvin is 14, and I, Maddy, am six and a half!  

You may have seen pics of the outside kitties. Mama posts them under the hashtag #homelesscats on Instagram. There are two kittens and last night, we caught one!!! (Well, Mom did.)

She is very pretty and needs a name still, but more importantly, she needs to be kissed. I am good at kissing kitties. Ask Calvin. 

But Mama put her in the bathroom and closed the door! NOT FAIR! I scratched at the door and then pouted when Mom yelled at me. 

This morning, Mom took her away! She went to the Humane Society to get fixed. I didn't think she was broken...
She comes back tomorrow and maybe I will get to keep her. Calvin doesn't appreciate my love for kitties. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Job Security for Vets

We've gone to veterinarians a LOT this summer. They should give Mama one of those punch cards where you get your 10th visit free or something. 

Calvin had to go to the animal hospital for FOUR DAYS. He got REALLY skinny. 
He wasn't eating or drinking anything, so they took pictures of his insides like with Maddy and he had an end-opt-to-see? I don't know which end they saw but I think it was his back end. They shaved his belly and he looks SO FUNNY!

He is not happy that we are laughing. 
They had to put fluids in him and now he gets to eat wet food all the time and it smells SO good. Maddy and I made sure we cleaned up after him, to help out Mama. 
We also found eggs in the fridge! I have decided I love eggs. I had three yesterday and one today. Mom says my coat will be nice and shiny now. She said my bum made whistling noises last night, too.  

Today I had to go see Dr. Kane for my monthly recheck. 
I don't like waiting in a room when there are friends out in the lobby. 

Dr. Kane said I've gained a little weight, which is good, especially in the summer. Mama said it's because I don't like walking- it's too hot here and I have to walk in my bare paws! Dr. Kane said I have to take the Kinavet for one more month.

Mama always takes me to Petsmart after my visits. 
So many choices. 
A cat toy that looks like me? My tail doesn't look like that!

There was a nice couple who had a big dog. He was alright. The lady was way cooler. She said that I had the nicer face she's ever seen on a Basset. Awww, shucks. 

Then we went to the front where the lady keeps the treats. 
I did my tricks for her but she didn't quite understand that my arms are shorter than hers for shaking. I still got her to give me 5-6 treats!

There were also some kids that wanted to say hi. Mom took a picture and told them we have a blog.
The mom was very interested and asked for the website! Wow! Our first random fan! 

We are getting more followers on Instagram. (@scentchowstylehounds) Please feel free to share our blog with your friends- thanks so much!

Now to start planning for our birthday party Friday! We are having PUP-CAKES! Hope to see you there!

          M is for Murphy and Maddy!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

...and MORE vet visits.

Hey everyone, it's Maddy. Mama went to the Scentsy Family Reunion in Indy. Because she couldn't bring us, she brought the next thing. 

 We were ok- Auntie Michelle and Auntie Brianne came over and watched us. Auntie Brianne picked Mama up from the airport, and when they got back, I wanted to run to the door to welcome her back, but my foot hurted. I decided to just lay down and that's when Mama knew something was wrong. She said I felt really warm. She and Auntie Bri watched me for an hour before Mama looked at my paws:
One paw was really red and wet from where I had been chewing on it (it hurted!) She even thought it was oozing a little.  So it was off to the vet we went. When I got there, there was a dog that was very happy to see me.  
He was so excited, he pooped on the mat. That was gross. 
Then, to return the favor, I peed in the waiting room. I was excited, too!

Dr. Suarez looked at my paws, gave me a lidocaine spray and Mama gave me Benadryl. Then we went to Petsmart. 
This is another Maddy- we match!
This is a very cute puppy with a cute guy attached. 
This BIG dog is getting trained. 
So many things to smell!

Mama kept an eye on me the rest of the weekend, and my paw felt better. Even though she just got back,she went away again, to DisneyWorld, WITHOUT US! We got a little bored after midnight when she wasn't back yet. 
When Mama got home, I tried to create a distraction by greeting her at the door, but Murphy turned around and went TOWARD the food! Nooooo, that was a dead giveaway! Mama was mad, but she cleaned it up and went to bed. 

In the morning, she fed us like usual, and then we started watching TV.  I was having a hard time getting comfortable. I would sit down for a few seconds, but nothing felt good and I kept moving around. It was hard to breathe, too. Mama was worried about something called bloat. The vet's office said to definitely come in. 
Here's Ella the Corgi! (Under the gate)
And here's a kitty trying to get a lizard on the other side. Stupid kitty. 
We had to wait almost an hour, and Mama was getting worried.  The vet tech came in and weighed me. I was 63+ lbs! Mama said, "Wait a second, she wasn't that much a few days ago..." And the vet tech looked and confirmed that I was only 60 lbs five days before. 
Ok, my belly may be SLIGHTLY larger. 

Finally we saw Dr. Suarez (Dr. Johnson was in surgery) and she took me to the back where they took a picture of my insides! 
See that? That's my belly! With FOOD!

Dr. Suarez said I had food bloat, which is not the same as regular bloat- it just means that I ate A LOT of food. I didn't get any more food for the rest of the day and only 1/4 of what I get in the morning. It's ok... Even treats didn't sound good, and I -always- like treats.  I also had to take some medicines to make my tummy feel better. (I felt better after I pooped.)

Mama had to go to Disney again so Auntie Michelle came over and checked on me.  She took videos so Mama didn't worry. Auntie M said she was pretty sure I learned my lesson. 

Guess what? I did not. I did it again three days later. Oops. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Visits Galore!

Hi, friends!!!  It's been way too long since we've written a blog post. Our apologies! With all our vet visits and Mama going home to MN, we haven't been able to sit down and type. Also, we don't have fingers. Our typing looks a lot like this: nnnnnnnnnnnnbbbbbbvvvvvvvb (we like to walk across the laptop.)

Last time, Maddy wrote about her trip to the vet. We have had a few since then. Calvin the Cat sprained his leg a couple weeks ago and had to go see Dr. Johnson and luckily he is ok. I guess we can post a picture of him. 
I, on the other hand, have had more than my fair share of doctor visits. 
Here I am in the car on the way to Plantation Animal Hospital. I love car rides. 

Like Maddy, I like to check out the inventory in the waiting room. 

Dr. Johnson was a little worried about giving me all my shots since I'm on chemo right now, so she called Dr. Kane to see if we could skip my rabies shot.

Here I am sitting with Lin, one of the techs. He's quiet but nice. 
After being on hold a while, Dr. Johnson thought the intranasal bordatella vaccine would be ok, and she wrote me a waiver for the rabies shot. Whew!

Dr. Johnson was very pleased to see that the tumor has shrunk! Two weeks later, we went to see Dr. Kane and he also confirmed that the tumor has completely disappeared!
I am so happy!!! Yay for good news!

Dr. Johnson saw one tooth that has a little decay so she gave me a Snoopy toothbrush- how cool is that?!?
Mom and I need to be better about brushing my teeth.

After our visit, Mama and I like to go to Petsmart. The blue-shirt people remembered me!
I am a good boy!

When we got home, Maddy had NOT been good. (What else is new?). Mama sorta forgot to put her cereal away. 
Oh, she's good. She even hid some for later. 
Mom found these a couple DAYS later in the back of the chair. 
Oh, Maddy. 
She always looks guilty. 
She acts like it, too. 

The same week, Mama went to a movie at midnight and didn't take us. 
To show her that I, too, am a Superman fan, I showed her how Superdogs jump off the bed. Bad idea. The next morning I couldn't move my back legs very well and couldn't get up. Normally I would go wake Mama up to tell her to feed me. She knew something was wrong because I didn't get up from my spot on the floor. She had to help me up. Once she did that, I could walk, but I had to move slower. Maddy knew something was wrong and sat by me. 
We saw Dr. Suarez this time, who gave me Tramadol and a muscle relaxant and said to increase the prednisone. She said I'd feel great, but that I needed to stay in the crate for a few days. No more jumping on and off the couch for me. 

Mama had to go buy a crate, so it was back to Petsmart again. (YAY!)
The crate is so big, I had to sit up front on the way home. 
I got sleepy, so I wanted to put my head on Mama's lap while she was driving. 
Luckily, I got better very quickly, but Mama was worried about me when she was gone. She also ordered a gate so we can stay in the dog room and out of trouble. 
I still remember "Kennel up!"
Maddy and I are not entirely happy about our new arrangements. 
Mama went to MN to visit our fur-cousins, Louie and Bravo, and Auntie Anna and Uncle Jake. Louie and Bravo are going to have a human sister soon!
They kept Mom company since she didn't have us to sleep with at bedtime. 

Mom also saw her friend Heather and Wolfgang Pomadeus, also known as Wolfie. 

Our nana and pop-pop got a new kitty,
too. It is a Toby or a Tobi (they're not sure yet.)
It's very little. I am pretty sure Maddy would put it in her mouth. You know, to kiss it. 

We also have some kitties of various shapes and sizes:
This is Calvin's outside twin. 
Some of the kitties are waaaaaay uglier than the other ones. 

Mama is going to get Scentsified this week and we are sad that she's leaving again. 
But our aunties are coming over to stay with us, so I think that will be ok. I hope Mama brings us our very own Scentsy warmer with new scents! Maybe this season they will make Milkbone-scented bars!

Sorry this was so long- we had a lot to catch up on with you. We are almost to 1000 page reads and we thank you SO MUCH for reading our silly little blog. Roooooooo! We love you!