Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two-Bath Day

Murphy here.  A lot has happened this summer, and silly us, we forgot to write about it.  Mama has not one, but TWO jobs working with animals now.  How cool is that?

On Sunday, Mama decided it was bath day.  I knew something was up and ran outside, so Maddy was the lucky dog who got to go first.  She got clean so she got a munchie, and proceeded to take it outside.  I wanted a munchie, so I let Mama give me a bath.  Strawberry Banana Smoothie?  Not exactly manly.

When I was done with my bath, I got my munchie and Mama seemed a bit upset.  There were pawprints all over the floor and even the carpet seemed a little dirty.  She looked around and there was Maddy. Well, I -think- it was Maddy.  It was a blackish dog who seemed to be the same size and shape as Maddy.  Mama yelled, "NOOOOOO," and picked her up and put her in the tub.  She rinsed off the dog, and poof!  There was Maddy!  She had to get a bath ALL over again, hahahahaha!

This picture is from a few years ago, but you get the idea of how we feel about Bath Day.  I guess not everyone appreciates the smell of Fritos.