Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Job Security for Vets

We've gone to veterinarians a LOT this summer. They should give Mama one of those punch cards where you get your 10th visit free or something. 

Calvin had to go to the animal hospital for FOUR DAYS. He got REALLY skinny. 
He wasn't eating or drinking anything, so they took pictures of his insides like with Maddy and he had an end-opt-to-see? I don't know which end they saw but I think it was his back end. They shaved his belly and he looks SO FUNNY!

He is not happy that we are laughing. 
They had to put fluids in him and now he gets to eat wet food all the time and it smells SO good. Maddy and I made sure we cleaned up after him, to help out Mama. 
We also found eggs in the fridge! I have decided I love eggs. I had three yesterday and one today. Mom says my coat will be nice and shiny now. She said my bum made whistling noises last night, too.  

Today I had to go see Dr. Kane for my monthly recheck. 
I don't like waiting in a room when there are friends out in the lobby. 

Dr. Kane said I've gained a little weight, which is good, especially in the summer. Mama said it's because I don't like walking- it's too hot here and I have to walk in my bare paws! Dr. Kane said I have to take the Kinavet for one more month.

Mama always takes me to Petsmart after my visits. 
So many choices. 
A cat toy that looks like me? My tail doesn't look like that!

There was a nice couple who had a big dog. He was alright. The lady was way cooler. She said that I had the nicer face she's ever seen on a Basset. Awww, shucks. 

Then we went to the front where the lady keeps the treats. 
I did my tricks for her but she didn't quite understand that my arms are shorter than hers for shaking. I still got her to give me 5-6 treats!

There were also some kids that wanted to say hi. Mom took a picture and told them we have a blog.
The mom was very interested and asked for the website! Wow! Our first random fan! 

We are getting more followers on Instagram. (@scentchowstylehounds) Please feel free to share our blog with your friends- thanks so much!

Now to start planning for our birthday party Friday! We are having PUP-CAKES! Hope to see you there!

          M is for Murphy and Maddy!