Monday, February 12, 2018

Amazon Affiliate

We are currently in the process of becoming an Amazon Affiliate! We are joining forces with a couple other friends to form a Facebook group/page called Pittie in the City. (Meagan's dog, Maggie, is a pocket-sized pit bull. She's the cutest!) Your clicks and purchases through our links will help pay for dog and cat supplies for my menagerie! Thanks so much for checking it out!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happy Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge, Murphy.

Wow. The last time we posted was right before moving back to Ft. Myers. There's so much to say, and I don't know where to start.

Murphy went to the Rainbow Bridge on March 4, 2016. Today would have been his 11th birthday. One day, I'll write about saying goodbye, but today is not that day. Here are some birthday pictures throughout the years.

For some reason, I'm not sure if any pictures of his 1st birthday exist, but there were doggy friends, a peanut butter cake, and lots of excitement. Followed by diarrhea.

Murphy's 2nd Birthday! Maddy is 18 months, minus a day younger, so we celebrate birthdays and half-birthdays every six months. Puppy Maddy is celebrating her first half-birthday!

8th Birthday! August 9, 2013
The Bassets are not big fans of the hats, but I love them.
Birthday cupcakes from Two Girls and a Beagle- they were great!

9th Birthday- August 9, 2014 So handsome.

10th Birthday! HOORAY! August 9, 2015
Murphy was very excited about the PupPie. After all he's been through, I always said I would be so happy if Murphy made it to 10, and he did it. 

Murphy, Mama loves and misses you so much. Happy Birthday up in heaven. Thank you for visiting in my dreams this morning, and for sending Farley to keep me company until we see each other again. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Last day in the house!

Murphy here. I am sad. It's our last day in Tampa. We've had a good time here. 

Maddy is trying to drive Mama crazy! First she ate half a pizza last night while friends were helping. 

This morning, she already got into the fridge and stole a can of tuna and OPENED IT HERSELF. 
How is she not bleeding all over the place?

I just wanted some quiet time on the loveseat with my mama. 
And then... We hear Maddy banging around...
She was eating kitty crunchies again! The evidence is on her nose and ears. 

I'm sure she will do something else before the day is over, or before noon, even. Maddy is a bad dog. Have a great day!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Yearzzzzz

We had a great first day of 2016! Mama got home from Ubering just in time to watch the ball drop with us!
She went to see that Star Wars movie again this morning, this time without six other movies in front of it. Then we helped her find stuff to sell and donate as we get ready to move. We are donating FOUR garbage bags of bedding, collars, bandanas, and toys to dogs less fortunate than us. Hopefully that helps them find great furever homes!

Mama left to go donate her clothes- we HATE when she leaves. Once a day is ok, but two, or even THREE times? Not cool! 
I guess these were made for cats but who knows? Maybe they put a cat on the front to get dogs' attention. Well, it worked. We ate over 50 calming treats! Yum!

Mama was a little worried when she got home, but everything is chill, guys...

We did find the strength to make it up onto the bed. Ahhhhhh, bed....zzzzz.....
Good night and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year's Eve! Our big resolution, after taking more than a year off(?), is to blog more in 2016. If you haven't listened to Can I Pet Your Dog? on iTunes, you really need to start now! It's our new favorite podcast! Based on their example, here are our resolutions for the new year. 

Murphy's 2016 Resolutions:
1) Take more naps. 
1a) Take more comfy naps. 
1b) Take more naps with Mama. 
2) Give more kisses. 
3) Learn to be brave around Maddy. 
4) Let Mama sleep in a little bit. 
5) Learn to use the pet ramp like Maddy. 
6) Keep kicking cancer's ass!

Maddy's 2016 Resolutions:
1) Get more belly rubs. 
2) Learn to like children, jk, they're still evil. 
3) Be nicer to Murphy and other dogs, especially when munchies are involved. 
4) Learn how to break that child-lock on the fridge. 
5) Kiss all the cats. 
6) Develop perfect pitch when ROOOOOing. 

My resolutions for my pups:
1) Walk more. 
2) Keep food out of reach and keep fridge locked at all times. 
3) Help them adjust to new house in a few weeks. 
4) More specialized Mx3 time (Mama, Murphy, and Maddy) 
5) Keep kicking cancer's ass with Murphy and UTIs with Maddy. 
6) Donate all the toys and things we don't need to dogs less fortunate. 

Happy New Year, everyone!

Monday, November 3, 2014

We're Back!

This is Murphy. I know it's been a while since we've posted. I have a lot to tell you. For example, I have 1.77 ears now. Surgery to remove icky cancer. When I do this cute head tilt, it looks even shorter:

Yesterday we got pictures taken and I was scared because I thought we were going to the vet again. It was ok, but I tried to show the camera lady my Superman impression by doing a dive off the table and she was not impressed. More scared than in awe. She did like my Elvis impersonation though. Pictures will be here this weekend. 

For my next trick, I want to share our favorite joke we found on the interwebs:

Wanna hear an Ebola joke?
You probably won't get it. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two-Bath Day

Murphy here.  A lot has happened this summer, and silly us, we forgot to write about it.  Mama has not one, but TWO jobs working with animals now.  How cool is that?

On Sunday, Mama decided it was bath day.  I knew something was up and ran outside, so Maddy was the lucky dog who got to go first.  She got clean so she got a munchie, and proceeded to take it outside.  I wanted a munchie, so I let Mama give me a bath.  Strawberry Banana Smoothie?  Not exactly manly.

When I was done with my bath, I got my munchie and Mama seemed a bit upset.  There were pawprints all over the floor and even the carpet seemed a little dirty.  She looked around and there was Maddy. Well, I -think- it was Maddy.  It was a blackish dog who seemed to be the same size and shape as Maddy.  Mama yelled, "NOOOOOO," and picked her up and put her in the tub.  She rinsed off the dog, and poof!  There was Maddy!  She had to get a bath ALL over again, hahahahaha!

This picture is from a few years ago, but you get the idea of how we feel about Bath Day.  I guess not everyone appreciates the smell of Fritos.