Monday, September 23, 2013

Caught a cat!

We are soooooo behind on our blog. Here's a photo collage of August, birthday month!

Murphy is now 8, Calvin is 14, and I, Maddy, am six and a half!  

You may have seen pics of the outside kitties. Mama posts them under the hashtag #homelesscats on Instagram. There are two kittens and last night, we caught one!!! (Well, Mom did.)

She is very pretty and needs a name still, but more importantly, she needs to be kissed. I am good at kissing kitties. Ask Calvin. 

But Mama put her in the bathroom and closed the door! NOT FAIR! I scratched at the door and then pouted when Mom yelled at me. 

This morning, Mom took her away! She went to the Humane Society to get fixed. I didn't think she was broken...
She comes back tomorrow and maybe I will get to keep her. Calvin doesn't appreciate my love for kitties.